Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Things are changing round here

So lately, some big changes have been stirring up in my life. The most recent of these would be cutting off 10 inches of my hair and donating it to Locks of Love. Now, this was a HUGE change for me. In fact, the last time I had hair this short I was in fourth grade. Let's just say, at that time it was not a good look.. I was made fun of for years after. It was a look I swore I would never sport again but something had been pulling at me saying it was time for a change. And here is the new look:

Pretty different, right? (Please overlook the weird wallpaper behind me.. I dont know why it's on our walls.). I absolutely love it! I was so nervous when my hairdresser Anna put my hair in the pigtails and then chopped them off. I had immediate flashbacks of fourth grade and the awful memories.. But luckily, this is a much nicer look than when I was 9. At least I think so.

The next change is one I've stated before but since we are talking about changes it's definitely necessary to mention. I graduated from high school! Unlike some of my classmates this wasn't something I had anxiously been awaiting. I throughly enjoyed high school. It was fun for me and I lived up every minute of it. Ok, the last part may be an exaggeration. Most nights of my junior and senior years, were spent home with my mom or hanging out with my wonderful boyfriend, Keegan.

This is him and I on our recent trip to the zoo

 Basically aside from seeing this good lookin guy, I didn't have much of a social life. I kinda kept to myself especially this past year. My first two years of high school were great! I hung out with friends almost every weekend and I was on the dance team. I loved everything about it. My junior things weren't so hot for me and I slowly began distancing myself from the people in my life. I also made the decision to leave dance team and audition at a studio called Masters Upper Lever. Senior year was spent completely at the studio or with Keegan. It got a little lonely sometimes but it was a nice way to end high school. Speaking of ending high school, I never picked up my diploma.. Whoopsies. I should really find the time to go and pick it up.

Change number three hasn't actually happened yet, but there is talk of it contanstly. This change would be packing up my entire life and moving to Lubbock.

 This is sort of a bittersweet change for me. I am so stoked to go to Tech and be in college. However, I am not so stoked to leave my home of almost 18 years, my mom, or my Keegan. I will be COMPLETELY out of my comfort zone. Me and my mommy have a special relationship. I tell her everything and I wouldn't be the person I am today without her. As for Keegan, he is staying at home for two years and going to school at a college nearby. After two years, he will be transferring to Tech with me. I have no doubts that we will be just fine, but I am not looking forward to not being 5 minutes away from him anymore. It's scary because whenever I'm having a bad day or feeling a little down he is always there to set me straight again. Things will definitely be hard, but I have faith that we can do it. If you're reading this, I love you babes.

Now the next change I want to talk about is a little different from these last few. It's more about me. I can be shy and quiet, especially if I am uncomfortable in my surroundings. I am somewhat of an introvert. I internalize all of my feelings and I tend to keep things to myself. I can also be super awkard. Most of the time it's not on purpose. These are all qualities that I am not so fond of. I know that they are part of what makes me who I am but some days I wish they were different. So the change here is that I am working on become more outgoing and less awkward. I've actually gotten much better. I just know that once I move to Lubbock, I won't be surrounded by people who already know me. I'll have to make all new friends and in order to that I can't be shy and quiet all the time. Also, I've learned that internalizing your feelings leads to worse feelings down the road. My advice, let your feelings out when you feel them or risk major meltdowns later.

And that my friends is what we call some major life changes. Pretty crazy stuff.