Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Stress, Stress, and More Stress

Can you say stress?
Yesterday, I had 80 pages to read.
40 pages in each book.
I only read twenty pages in each book.
I am going to have to split this reading up since I have to read a chapter in each book every week.
Then on top of the textbooks I have to read additional books on the side and write book reviews.
My brain is hurting so bad.
I wish I could read faster.

Made me laugh!
This captures my feelings towards all these stupid books.

I'm so sorry for not blogging yesterday but I was super busy with all this reading.
Trust me.
I would way rather have been blogging.

So, in order to make myself feel better, it's now time for Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday:

I kinda want this for my kitchen-- would this work in a kitchen??  Too many crumbs??
This would go so well in my dorm room!

Oh, speaking of dorms, sorry I haven't posted a picture of the new room yet.
I want to decorate a little bit more before I show it to you wonderful people.

These make me hungry.
I really want some yummy desserts.

paper flower wreath
This is so cool.
I wish I was crafty enought to make this.

Love me.
Such a good saying.

Peace out, bro.

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