Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Colds, Food, and Love

Ok people.
I have come to the conclusion that my immune system has decided that it wants to quit on me.
My reasoning behind this conclusion.. I am sick for the second time this semester.
In fact, I am sick for the second time in a month.
It's just a baby cold (but lets be honest I am a baby.)
This means that all I have accomplished today is watching reruns on netflix and chillin in bed.
Oh I also went to class and my office hour.
But those are just normal everyday things.
Not normal everyday when I'm sick things.
My point behind this whole schpeal is that when I'm sick I like to eat sick foods.
Not foods that are sick or that taste bad.
But foods that taste excellent when I am sick.

The first of these is Spaghettios.
Now it's really up to you but I prefer the non-meatball variety.
I don't currently have any spaghettios but I'm really leaning towards making a little trip to walmart and buying some.

The second thing I love when I'm sick (well all the time acutally) is Velveeta mac and cheese.
Really there's nothing to be said about this other than it's God's gift to peope.
I like the microwaveable cup kind.
Because I can't make the box kind in my dorm.
Plus if I'm going to buy a box of mac and cheese it's going to be the Kraft kind.
Preferably in some sort of shape such as Scoopy-Doo or Spongebob.

The third thing I love is water.
Normally I'm more of a tea or soda kind of person but when I am sick none of those things taste right.
So water is excellent.

In general, I also like chocolate.
When sick or healthy, chocolate makes everything better.
My new addiction is york peppermint patties.
I have like one a day.
It's a problem.
But a wonderfully delicious problem.

There you have it people.
Those are all the things I'm loving on this chilly, sick Wednesday.

I wanted to post some pins this week, but my internet is refusing to open pinterest. Or netflix.
Not a happy moment for me.


Courtney said...

:( hope you feel better soon! Being sick is no fun!

This Ordinary, Everyday Life said...

Velveeta Mac and Cheese = LOVE!! Hope you feel better soon :)

Natalie said...

Thank you!!