Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Home for the Turkey Day

Hello hello.
After spending the larger part of today on an airplane I have some news to report.
The first bit is I made it safely home (hooray!) and I am blogging from my awesome bed in my even awesomer room (bigger hooray!).

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The next pieces of news aren't so much news as things I observed today that should not be done in an airport.


After you make it through airport security, please put your shoes back on your feet.
It is unacceptable to roam around a public place in your socks. Even if they are turkey socks in the spirit of the holiday. It's even more inappropriate to go into the bathroom wearing said socks. Ick.


Letting your children run down the little hallway thingy that leads to the plane (I have no idea what these are called..) is not ok. They will inevitably trip and fall and land flat on their face. Then I will inevitably laugh and make myself seem like a terrible person for laughing at children.


Picking your nose. It's not really ok in any public place. But airports especially. Thats right. I saw you, dude. Now, I understand that sometimes you just really got to take care of some business up there but you know that everyone in airports are watching other people, so if you get the urge just go to the bathroom, go in a stall, and use some toilet paper. This way no one will judge you.


Shouting into your phone for twenty plus minutes. I'm sorry, but let's be honest. No one other than your mother cares that you didn't get the lead role in your musical. Please keep these heartbreaking stories to yourself and not yell them in my ear. It would be greatly appreciated. You seemed like a really nice person, but I was really wanting to sit on your face because my eardrums were hurting.

Also, let me just note. Southwest has the funniest flight attendants. Seriously! Every time I get on the plane and they're giving me the safety information, I'm cracking up. I probably look like a huge dork and maybe some one is writing a blog post about how laughing hysterically at emergency exits and overhead compartments is not acceptable. I understand. I would too, if I were you. But I am not so I shall continue laughing my booty off until someone turns around and tells me to shut up, and even then I probably won't.

Now that we have learned these lessons it's time for us all to go to sleep.
Night dawgs.

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