Friday, January 13, 2012

Speaking of..

Let's just talk about how a little something sweet can fix anything.
Seriously, I was having one of my meltdowns {nothing out of the ordinary these days}.
So Keegan gave me two peppermints (which have become a new addiction of mine) and when those didn't get me all the way back to normal, he fixed me a piece of pecan pie.
Talk about the perfect way to fix a bad mood.
In a few minutes I was back to laughing & playing.
I was impressed with myself.

Now, speaking of my new addictions..
Have ya ever noticed the negative connotations that come with the word addiction?
For example when I say addiction, I bet the first thing in your mind is drugs.
Anyways... I've got only a few million of 'em.

But my latest and greatest would have to be

the Urban Decay Naked palette.
I just keep doing my makeup, takin it off, then doing it again.
It's that fun.
My eyes have never been happier.
I'm in love.
Wait maybe just infatuated.

Speaking of love, don't you wish you got messages like these?
He's the cutest.
These messages are what make me the luckiest girl ever.
{In case you're wondering we were talkin' about the drive from his house to my dads}

Peace out, yo.

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Alana Christine said...

How fun! I bet your eyes are happy!
Aww that text was so sweet!