Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Almost Spring

Is it spring break yet?
{Ignore the ugly time stamp in this picture, I couldn't get it off}

Boy, oh, boy, do I wish it was.
But, sadly, it's about one month away.
Breath, Natalie.
You can make it.
Then it'll be a whole week of  bliss.
I'll get some ice cream.
I'll walk by the water and maybe dip my toes in.
Maybe I'll even get to pet another sting ray somewhere.
Or maybe I'll catch another fish.
But realistically, I'll just be seeing a heck of a lot of this cutie.
Be jealous, ladies. 

Just a million and three projects and tests stand between now and then.
I've got this. 
March, you better get your butt here as fast as February did. 
I'm expecting you.

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