Thursday, February 23, 2012

I'm Basically Famous

Can we just talk about the coolest feeling in the world?
And I'm talking seriously cool here.
I'm trying to compare something to this feeling of coolness but I'm drawin' a blank.
So if ya don't cringe when you see the lady above,
 I'll just assume you don't watch Dance Moms on Lifetime.
And I'll assume that you were never a competitive dancer that
 put herself in these girls' shoes when you watch.
She's a scary lady.
I'm not gonna lie, I would've cried everyday if she was my teacher.

Now that we've established these things we can talk about the awesomeness.
So in the latest episode the girls' competition gets cancelled last minute.
Talk about some DRAMA.
So they search for a new competition to attend.
They end up in a tiny place called Clute, TX.
Which probably means absolutely nothing to any of you.
(Unless you've been to Clute and know about their street signs)
Attending an MA competition.
(They're a big competition company for high school drill teams and studios in the South).

So up until now you have no idea why any of this is cool.
Well let me tell ya.

Well, let's just say I've been to Clute more than once.
In fact, I've been at that exact competition.
I've competed against the studios that Abby Lee Dance Company competed against.
I've danced my heart out on the wood floor that little Maddie wiped out on.

You may or may not find this to be awesome.
But let me just tell you, I'm feeling virtually famous right now.
Don't steal my minute in the spotlight people.
{Shh, I knew it was dumb the moment I said it}

But let's be honest here.
How many people can say that?
Probably only like 200, maybe 300 tops.
So I'm gonna enjoy my imaginary stardom.

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Monica's Notebook said...

Haha that is sooo crazy! You are totally famous girl! :] I LOVVVEEE dance moms, that woman is psycho!