Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Last 13 Things I..

 Bought.. Modern Family season 2 and an orange scarf

Drank.. Gold Peak diet iced tea. (So yummmmy)
No soda! I'm doing good so far.

Laughed at.. A conversation with my favorite boy.
We were discussing my project I've been working on where I've been designing fabrics, rugs, wallpaper, doors, and mosaic tiles. He didn't understand where the tiles would be placed.
So I asked, 
"Have you ever been in a really nice store where the check out counter has a tile pattern behind it?"
His response
"You mean like SAM's?"
Oh sweetie.
It's moments like these I realize we're together for a reason.

Craved.. a big ole slice of chocolate cake.
With chocolate frosting.
Moist One Bowl Chocolate Cake by sipsandspoonfuls: Note: The recipe calls for 175 degrees C which is 350 (actually 347) degrees F.   #Chocolate_Cake #sipsandspoonfuls
Chocolate chocolate chocolate. 
Get in mah bellyyy.

Ate.. A ham and cheese sandwich and some chips.
So yums.

Tweeted about.. the ridiculous wind goin' on outside.
If you've ever been on a speedboat and felt the wind against your face.
You know what it feels like standing still outside right now.

Wore.. A super soft t-shirt from target and some denim shorts.

Watched.. Modern Family.
I laugh out loud at least six times in every episode. 

Listened to.. Alison Krauss "My Love Follows You Where You Go"
I mean, Brad Paisley is convinced that the angels in Heaven sing like her,
 so you know she's pretty awesome. 

Wished for.. spring break to hurry. And warmer weather.

Prayed for.. the girl that likes to put her nose where it doesn't belong.
I think she needs a few prayers these days.

Was stressed about.. My art history test and my interior design projects.

Ordered from Sonic.. A grilled cheese, tater tots, and a peach sweet tea. 

The Last 13 Things

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Jenna@The Life of the Wife said...

Mmm peach tea. Mmm chocolate cake. Uh maybe I should go eat something? :) Great list girlie!

Thanks for linking up!!