Friday, March 2, 2012

Dear Bloggity Blog,

When we first met, I loved you instantly.
But no one knew of our awesome part of the internet.
Only two people read it and it made us both a little sad.
But still I kept on writing and for a few months things were smooth sailing between us.
Until I left for college.
Then I got caught up in a lot of things and we grew apart.
We had a pretty long break in our relationship.
Almost three months past where I never wrote a thing.
I missed you, but I didn't feel right writing you.
I was too caught up in doin' my college thang to give you a second thought.
But when I went home for the winter holiday,
 I realized that my life just wasn't the same without you.
And in the four short months that I was away at school a lot changed in my life.
And without you, I had no way to sort all that out.
So I made a promise to myself and to you, that we were going to be together forever.
Even when things get hard and I don't want to see you some days, I am going to stick it out.
Because I love you.
You let me express my inner thoughts.
You let me be completely ridiculous and you never judge me.
You don't mind when I throw in words like "homeskillet" and "dawg".
You make me laugh on the reg.
(and you don't judge me when I make myself laugh).
You also understand my obsessions with a few blogs that I love.
And you never tell me I look ugly when I make faces like this
Which is why I love our relationship.
Because I can be 100% me and you never tell me that I'm a weirdo.
Or that I should consider not posting certain things.
And when I like to shake my butt while I write you, you just go with it.

So that is why I promise to always write something interesting for you.
And I'll try my hardest to make you laugh.
But I'll always be nice. 
Because no one likes a meanie on the internet.
And I'll let you help my creativity shine.
And I'll remember to be thankful for the people that read you.
And every day I'll keep trying to tell the world about our relationship.
Because I happen to think it's worth sharing.
And I think maybe we could make a difference to someone some day.
After all, that's kind of what I wanted to do when I started this.

But mostly, I'll remember that I write you because you make me happy
and I won't ever forget that.
I love you bloggy.
Thanks for everything you've given me. 

PS. Today is our 100th post.
Which is a pretty big deal.

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Beth @ the city said...

Well done, congrats on making it to post #100 :) and it's a pretty cute blog you have! love the polka dots!
Just stopping by from Erin's linkup today!