Saturday, March 3, 2012

Internet Friendliness

Due to recent experiences that have made Twitter, Facebook & Blogging some what frustrating 
I thought I would share with you somethings I believe.
So here goes:

1. If you don't have something nice to say don't say it all
Um hello.
You've been told this since you were scootin around in huggies.
You are always entitled to an opinion of your own,
 but that doesn't mean you need to post it on the internet for the person it's about to read.
It's hurtful and unnecessary. 
Plus if someone did it to you, you'd jump down their throat without hesitation.

2. Give credit where credit is due
If you get inspired by something you find on a blog, Pinterest,
 or any other slice of the internet that's wonderful! 
But if you get inspired, you better be sure to say where your inspiration came from.
Put a link in your blog to the source and say how much you loved them.
And do not make it so similar that you could be sued for theft of intellectual property.
Because trust me, if I get on your blog and see something almost identical to what I've written,
not only will I be mad, I will lose tons of respect for you. 

Also if you do so, send an email to the blogger and let them know how awesome you thought their post was and how it inspired you to have this wonderful idea of your own.
If you do this, they'll be flattered.
And you may have just gained a new follower or bloggy friend. 
If you don't and you copy them almost verbatim, they'll be very unhappy.
And you might end up with a harshly worded email in your inbox.
So basically, do what yo English teacher told you and don't plagiarize. 

PS. I just read this post on Things 
it's a great article about what can happen if you don't correctly give credit.
Especially on Pinterest.
Go check it out here

3. If someone needs your help, help them
Yeah, you may be a super genius who figured out blogging all on your own.
Or we could be realistic and say that you're like everyone else.
You probably needed help when you were first starting out.
Heck, I still need help and I've been doin' it for like half a year now.
So if you get an email for a littler blogger, help a sista out.
Chances are it'll make you feel really good about your blog
And you can watch someone else reach success.
Don't be a knowledge hoarder people. 

I think that's all for now. 
Basically just use your brains.
You wouldn't want someone stealing your work.
So don't steal other peoples. 
Help each other out and encourage each other.
Be the nice ladies that your momma's raised you to be. 

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