Monday, March 26, 2012

Mondays should be banned

Why hello there.
If you're here from My Crazy, Beautiful Life
or 20 going on 80, you are awesome and I'm glad to have you.
If you're not, you are also awesome.
And I love you all. 

It's definitely a Monday.
Ya know how I know?

Well, you see other than the fact that
 I got dressed in the dark and
 wore a bright yellow shirt with bright blue shorts
(Matching is not my strong point when half asleep)
Today started off great.
They had the muffins I like so I bought one.
Then it was warm and sunny on my way to class.
And Texas Tech is BEAUTIFUL this time of year.
So clearly, I was thinking this day is off to a great start.

Well as Mondays go, they don't stay great for long.
See, I missed my class last Wednesday so I was behind on our project.
When I say behind, I mean that everyone around me was busily working while I
sat and stared at the paper, trying to make sense of a blank page.
Then I kept having coughing attacks.
And sneezing fits.

Then on my way home since it was nice and warm, I chose to walk around the building 
rather than through it like I normally do.
Meaning that I passed the free speech area.
And since it is "free speech", people can say just about anything they want to.
So I just happened to walk past a man calling all the girls in shorts 
"low value hussies"

Thank you sir.
You made my day.

But aside from all of this, I know that the rest of my day is going to be just swell.
Because I plan to spend it in the library, reading about public policy.


Shane said...

Hahaha this is so very true. Does anyone honestly enjoy mondays?

xo Shane

My Pink Scribbles said...

Yes!! Mondays are just awful. But the best part is that Tuesday always comes! ha!

Have a GREAT Tuesday!