Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Grown Up Sims

This week and I are no longer friends.
For some reason, everything managed to fall this week.
But after this week there are only two weeks left of school.
Which is awesome.
And scary.

Because that means my project is due in two weeks.
Which means I'm behind.
And we just started.
It's an interesting feeling.
Getting behind before you even begin.
I don't like it.

This project, we are taking our apartment floor plans we designed
and turning them into 3D models using Google SketchUp.
It's like playing a grown up version of The Sims.
I love it. 
And I hate it.
All at the same time.
But mostly I love it.
It just gets a little frustrating when drawing baseboards takes 3 hours.

On to pins.

True by Ron Diamond

love the colors

Mint Chic. I am 99.9% sure I have the exact same dress. Either that or it looks similar!

Learned this the hard way.

Peace out chicklettes.
Time to get back to work. 


thecoffeehouse said...

love that mint dress!

Brandy said...

Good luck on your project!!