Sunday, June 3, 2012

Makeup & Music

The only two things a girl needs in life, right?! 
So y'all are in for a treat today.
I feel like sharing.
Prepare yourselves, this is a rare moment.

First up on deck.
My summer music OBSESSIONS.
And when I say obsessions, I mean it.
Just ask my neighbors who get to hear these songs
as I drive through the neighborhood with the windows down 
and the stereo cranked up. 

1. Jack Daniels ~ Eric Church
2. Springsteen ~ Eric Church
3. Red High Heels ~ Kelly Pickler
4. Pontoon ~ Little Big Town
5. Mama's Broken Heart ~ Miranda Lambert
6. My Texas ~ Josh Abbott Band 

Do yourselves a favor and go buy, illegally download, or get your hands on these songs.
{Assuming you enjoy country music that is}

Next up.

{What?! You do those?}
Seeing as it is now summer, I'm running low on things to entertain myself with.
So this is what we end up with... 

Inspiration photo:


What I Used:

3. My lovely model 
{aka my mom}

Feel free to use whatever you already have
 or any of the above.
Except my mom.
She's off limits. 


1. Eye primer

Smother that stuff on.
Well really, you don't need much.
What I mean to say is be sure it gets all the way up 
to your brow bone. 

If you're looking for a good eye primer the Smashbox one is my absolute fav! 
But this one is pretty great too. 

2. Light shadow

For the eye lid, I used a very light color.
{See inspiration photo}
If you're using the Urban Decay palette, the one 
I use is called "Virgin"
If not, just pick a color that's almost white. 

Be sure and get it all over the lid.
And put some up on your brow bone too.
Since it's so light it can also be your highlight color. 

3. Darker Shadow

To mimic the inspiration picture, we chose a really dark color for her crease.
I used a combination of "Creep" and "Gunmetal".
In normal color names, "Black" and "Dark Grey"

We also added a tiny bit of a shimmery powder.
It was called "Sidecar".
But really, just pick anything with glitter and you'll be good
as long as it's neutral.
{I wouldn't recommend neon green glitter}

4. Liner & Mascara

She used her own liner and mascara so I have no idea 
what brands they are, but whatever your everyday stuff is will work just fine. 
We started light on the inside getting darker and more intense towards the edge of her eye.

5. Admire your beautiful face 

And we are done! 
Now go flaunt yo beautiful selves. 

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