Friday, June 1, 2012

My New Baby

I finally did it.
I bought something I've had my little eyes on for YEARS

A dslr camera.
More specifically the Canon Rebel T2i.

And boy, oh boy do I loooovvvvve it. 
It's my new baby.
I spent a long time researching and debating.
I finally narrowed it down to either the Canon Rebel T3i or the T2i.
However, the differences between them didn't seem to be huge 
& considering this is my first big girl camera I figured it didn't matter.
Plus, the store had a deal going at the time
 so for the same price of the T3i kit,
 I got the T2i kit (the body and an 18-55mm lens) 
a 55-250 lens.

I think know I made the right decision.
Sweet deals are always the way to go. 

This blog is fixing to get way better picture quality.
Here's a sample of my first week of pictures.
{I didn't edit them in any way so they're straight off the camera}

{I know this one is a little blurred, but her smile is so genuine that I love it anyways}

I am actually having more fun than I have in so long with my camera.
While right now, with the exception of this one
all my pictures are taken with the camera on Auto, 
I fully plan to start exploring and using the manual settings and learning
way more about photography.

Until then, camera, you and me have some bonding to do.
I'm off to go take a million more pictures.
Ta-ta for now. 

Uh PS. if any of you have name suggestions let me hear 'em.
Calling it "my camera" is just a little too boring for me. 

Also, thanks for all of your love yesterday.
It meant the world to me.


Janice Wong said...

is your camera a boy or a girl?

Jes said...

so jealous! i have been dying to get a "nice" camera (other than my iphone) for a long time now. looking forward to seeing what pictures you post!