Monday, August 13, 2012

Face Lifts

Hi dolls
I'm all moved in to my apartment.
Well, sort of.
My clothes are put away, my bed is made, and things are mostly organized.
However, I have some serious plans for the walls in this place. 
Currently, there's absolutely nothing in the means of making it a home. 
Ok, that's a lie.
The living room is to die for.
It's so adorable.
My roommates did a fabulous job.
But when it comes to my room.
It's a little lacking
Except for my curtains. 
But I am in need of some serious decorations. 
So if you want to give me some suggestions, I'd love to hear em!
I'd really like to order some stuff off of Etsy so pretty please send me your favorite shops. 
Before I post some pictures, I want to get more settled and organized. 
 As an interior design major, I'm not ready to show you how it looks quite yet.
 I feel that it needs some good TLC before I can show you how it looks. 

In other news, uhhh look at the place. My girl got a face lift. 
Well, basically she's a whole new person. Considering nothing looks the same.
 And I couldn't be more thrilled
Miss Aubrey of Kinch Designs did a fabulous job! 
What do yall think?
Are we liking the new design?
I feel like it does a better job of reflecting what I had in mind for this blog originally.
It's more simple than the other one.
But it still is fun and interesting.
I didn't give her much to work with, but she took the little that I did offer up
and made it so much more than I could have hoped for. 

Have a fabulous Tuesday muffins. 



Chelsea said...

Oh my goodness - LOVE the new design! I will have to email you to find out the details because I'm looking to get mine done, too! LOVE IT :-)

Shar Martinez said...

Cute! Love those social media buttons especially! SO cute! I recently got a 'facelift' too haha :) And yay! for moving into your apartment! Come over and enter my mega random box giveaway {over 30 items}! Or reserve some remaining ad space for your blog!

xoxo ♥ Shar

Alana Christine said...

Can't wait to see pictures of the apartment! Love the new blog look!

Jaz said...

Love the new design! I've been looking into redesigning my own blog; who did you use for yours?

Emily Dextraze said...

the blog looks great!! and yay for decorating your room!! I can't suggest an esty shop, sorry. I like a wall with frames, like different sizes and shapes, but pictures or quotes or shadow boxes. I'm working on one now for my apartment. :)